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  • Why do I need a Career Counsellor?
    Let's imagine you have a workplace challenge, demanding boss, unsupportive environment, may get retrenched or facing a career crossroad. What will you do? Maybe have a chat with my network. Friends provide well-intended meaning but may sound biased due to their personal experience. Information in the internet is overloaded. LinkedIn posts are unfiltered or too broad. A Professional Career Counsellor offers clarity and a new perspective, tailored to your existing scenario. He/she will understand, assess, discuss and provide the right intervention and tools to achieve your intended outcome.
  • What's the difference between career development and job placement?
    Career is a journey of lifetime experiences across paid and unpaid jobs. It’s a broader scope that entails work and life. Everyone goes through a career life stage. Job placement is about putting people into jobs. Can be seen as a direct recruitment function. Problem arises due to folks getting into roles that don't fit right into their personal characteristics and traits such as values, interests, skills, personality. As a result, they get restless and frustrated with their career choice. They work, simply to bring home the dollars and cents. Career decision-making is known to be complex. To ensure people are placed in the right job roles, a set of analysis has to be produced and interpreted by a Professional together with you. This involves a series of 1-1 engagement.
  • Why isn't my private career coaching free but local government agencies offer complimentary?
    Trust me, we’ll love to do this for charity! But we got bills to pay. We have worked tirelessly with our past clients (tech professionals, Specialists, mid-senior Executives) to custom build their personal career plan, so that they can see results upon implementation. We guide them to resolve workplace issues, provide alternatives on optimizing their talent, analyze their profile for better career growth or find ways to develop stronger workplace relationships. There are deliverables and post-coaching support with deep career counselling sessions to provide the right intervention and solutions. If you just need any job placement, it's likely we aren't the right people for you. Hence, a fair and equitable fee for the 1:1 engagement. There is a common saying -- if you don’t invest in your career – tell me, who will?
  • Am I right to say that the Career Counsellor will do all the heavy lifting for me?
    A Career Counsellor seek to understand how you feel and think from your current situation. We use a professional PCT (person-centered therapy) approach by Carl Rogers (1940s). A humanistic method to learn about your profile and experience. The Counsellor guides, influences and empower you to transform from where you are, and how you would like it to be, not withstanding factors that are uncontrollable. For example, to switch to a new career despite zero experience. The client works with the Counsellor to make their plan a reality. Therefore, it's a two-way process. Think of the alliance as a partner (Career Counsellor).
  • Can a Career Counsellor help me with job search, resumes and interviews?
    Absolutely! Roles are interchangeable from Career Counsellor to Career Practitioners / Job Coaches.
  • I just need a job to pay my bills. I don't need any career advice.
    Sure. We get it. Reach out to any local career centres, recruitment agencies, job portals or executive search firms. We are unable to help with job placement since Careergowhere is not an online recruitment site. We help to increase employability success and get working professionals land into suitable jobs through the art and science of career counselling.
  • I am confused about my career options. What should I do?
    You have come to the right place. A certified and experience Career Counsellor is delighted to work with you. Drop us a note at "contact us" section of our website.
  • How are the sessions conducted?
    For 1:1 career counselling, we ensure that you are in a safe, confidential and open environment to share your feelings and thoughts, conducted via a secure Zoom room. We are interested to be in your shoes to flesh out the key insights. We will also work together to affirm your intended outcome, facilitating conversations towards possible options. That's the power of career discover and exploration. It is a mix of vocational psychology and proven theories, leveraging on evidence-based model to help you manage the moving parts from the heart and mind. Then, you get better clarity to know what's best, what's not suitable. You will also get the chance to design your own plans with practical steps to move forward. Let us uncover the nuances and overturn the obstacles. We will navigate issues like burnout, unsupportive environment and limited growth. Perhaps, you wish to find the true purpose and meaning of your work. Hence, the sessions are tailored to your context. Drop us a line. We love to hear from you.
  • Why do you have different sessions?
    It’s suitable for anyone who has a particular need, tailored to their interests. Choose your preferred option such as optimizing your talent, career analysis, career fulfilment, work relationships and career conversations.
  • What is the small group size like?
    We will limit up to 20 people per session. This is to ensure that we have the capacity to manage your needs and you get a impactfu learning experience. If we have only 4 people signed up, we will still continue hosting the group session.
  • How do I confirm my session?
    For booking and payment: 1) Follow the instructions on-screen after selecting the session 2) Make payment via your credit card to secure the slot 3) You will then receive a confirmation email from us 4) We will check back with you to confirm the mutual date and time 100% online sessions - you will get a link to enter Zoom as per agreed scheduled date and time. For complimentary intake session, we trust that you will appear as promised unless there are unforeseen circumstances. We set aside time and effort to support you. That said, we still face a minority of "no-show" folks. Therefore, we have to implement a penalty - if you did not inform us, we take it as a strike-off. Therefore, you won't be entitled to any free session.
  • Are 1:1 career coaching sessions online and confidential?
    Absolutely! Strictly no video recording in case if the footage leaks out. Any information discussed between the Career Counsellor and Client is confidential. This is the hallmark of our profession - we follow a strict code of ethics as governed by reputable and well-respected career associations in America, UK, Australia and Singapore. We highly respect your privacy - at no circumstances, divulge anything without your written consent.
  • Can I postpone my session that I have booked?
    We understand you may have last minute commitments but we also have to be mindful of scheduling, in case there are others who need the career counselling sessions. So, we decide that you can use the free pass once only for complimentary intake session and twice for paid sessions. However, we are flexible - if there is a need to postpone, let us know the reason and we can discuss on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, we do encourage you to maintain the momentum.
  • I will like to cancel my session. Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not refund any cancelled sessions. There is pre-work prepared with time and effort spent to administer the sessions, exercises, tools and appropriate intervention. We hope you understand the situation. However, in rare circumstances, we will consider on a case-by-case basis if there is a need to.
  • I prefer a bundle of bespoke sessions.  Can you do that for me?
    Certainly! Please let us know your request by dropping us an email - "contact us" form. We'll advice the charges based on your requirements.
  • Can you guarantee me a job or career fulfilment after the 1:1 sessions?
    We hear you, we love to but we can't - doubt anyone can unless you are superbly well-known! What you will get instead is unimaginable insights that may blow your mind off. We have clients coming to us, saying how much they have greatly benefitted - fresh ideas from analyzing their reports to implementing the right actions. They are enlightened, finding the right career pathways after walking through the journey with us.
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  • How do you accept payment?
    All payment is done online. Please kindly check out for payment after booking the sessions and purchasing the packages. We accept PayPal, major credit cards or debit cards. At the moment, we do not accept Alipay, PayNow or PayLah but we'll continue working on it.
  • Can I use cash to pay?
    We do accept cash if it's F2F. Cash payable 100% upon confirmation of the first session. We are passionate people to co-work with you. Hence, we prefer to focus on addressing your context and objective, not bog down by administrative details like payables. We do not accept cash deposits unless on special circumstances.
  • Is it possible to put a deposit?
    We do not accept cash deposits unless on special circumstances.
  • Can I requst a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not refund any cancelled sessions. There is pre-work prepared with time and effort spent to administer the sessions, exercises, tools and appropriate intervention. We hope you understand the situation. However, in rare circumstances, we will consider on a case-by-case basis if there is a need to.
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