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  • Why do I need a Career Coach?
    Friends provide well-intended meaning but unfiltered opinions. Information in the internet is just too much, not validated and perhaps, not tuned in to local labor trends. What will you do? A Professional Career Coach offers clarity and a new perspective. The Career Coach will equip you with the right knowledge and tools to design your personal workable career plan. This plan unlocks limitless possibilities. Unbelievable? The world is your oyster!
  • What's the difference between career development and job placement?
    Career is a journey of lifetime experiences across paid and unpaid jobs. It’s a broader scope that entails work and life. Job placement is about putting people into jobs. It’s seen as a direct recruitment function. Problem arises due to folks getting into roles that don't fit right into their interests and skills. As a result, they get restless and fustrated with their career. To ensure people are placed in the right job roles, a set of analysis has to be produced. This involves a myriad of 1-1 engagement and understanding. Aside, there are also cases where the client knows their specific agenda and thus require only placement.
  • Why isn't my private career coaching free but local government agencies offer complimentary?
    Trust me, we’ll love to! But we got bills to pay. We have worked tirelessly with our past clients to custom build an actionable career plan - specifically for them. They keep them for several years, gaining the ability to amend their execution radar because of this expertise. Often, you'll find yourself totally immersed into an enriching 1-1 experience and not a quick 1-2-3 hassle to put you into jobs that probably you may not like. Of course, if you just need any paying job, we won't be having this career conversation. Hence, a fair yet totally affordable honorarium is all we require – and if you don’t invest in your career – tell me, who will?
  • Am I right to say that the Career Coach will do all the heavy lifting for me?
    The plan is ultimately yours. Only you know how to charter the route. Therefore, you should take charge. NO plan is workable if you expect the Coach to spoon-feed you. ​ The Coach guides and empowers you with a structured approach to execute this plan. That doesn’t mean the Coach sits and talks without doing anything. A Professional Career Coach supposes to put in the effort – and you feel at ease with the Coach. The Coach uses a variety of methods that include counselling and consultation. There are differences between each but we’ll leave it to the 1-1 program to explain further.
  • Can a Career Coach help me with job search, resumes and interviews?"
    Absolutely! You’ll need a convincing, authentic portfolio and channels to sell.
  • I just need a job to pay my bills. I don't need any career advice.
    Sure. We get it. Reach out to any external sources for getting outplacement. That said, even if you get employed, you may not feel career satisfied. Why? You didn’t have a detailed breakdown of your profile that fits into suitable professions. Career is not just about jobs. It’s also about purpose and fulfillment. The Career Coach is able to fill in this gap. You also come this far to browse our website. Surely, there is something we can help in your career?
  • I am confused about my career options. What should I do?
    You have come to the right place. A qualified Career Coach is delighted to work with you. Email your name and current situation to
  • How are the sessions conducted?
    For 1:1 career coaching, you can be sure that there are intriguing questions asked, not to interrogate, but to flesh out the key insights and steer conversations towards "aha" moments. That's the power of career exploration and discovery. If it's about employability and branding materials during the 1:1 session, you will have the chance to answer burning questions and get to work on your resume in a nutshell. We would suggest you to look at our subscription packages to get more time, instead of a cursory overview. For group sessions, it's application-based with simulation exercises given. If you expect a lecture-styled (we talk, you listen), this will not be the right place for you.
  • Why do you have different sessions?
    It’s suitable for anyone who has a particular need, tailored to their interests. There are small group sessions on soft skills, career development and a 1-1 open, consultation discussion to address your career dilemma and perhaps, skill upgrading questions.
  • What is the small group size like?
    We will limit up to 20 people per session. This is to ensure that we have the capacity to manage your needs and you get a impactfu learning experience. If we have only 4 people signed up, we will still continue hosting the group session.
  • How do I confirm my session?
    For booking and payment: 1) Follow the instructions on-screen after selecting the session 2) Make payment via your credit card to secure the slot 3) You will then receive a confirmation email from us 4) We will check back with you on the date and time If it's group session, the date and time is confirmed as per indicated in the session. If it's 1:1 career coaching, the date and time shall be decided between the parties. 100% online sessions - you will get a link to enter Zoom, the web conference room, on the scheduled date and time.
  • Are 1:1 career coaching sessions online and confidental?
    All sessions, 1:1 and in small groups, are 100% delivered via Zoom. The Coach shall send you a link and you’ll just need to click on it to enter the room. Strictly no video recording in case if the footage leaks out. Any information discussed between the Career Coach and Client is confidential. This is the hallmark of a reputable Career Coach. We highly respect your privacy - at no circumstances, divulge anything without your written consent.
  • Can I postpone my session that I have booked?
    We understand you may have last minute committments. Hence, we do allow the dates to be used once - per customer, per purchase - and it's applicable for 1:1 career session only. For group session, we do not postpone unless it's a team of people in the same company or organization - if this happens, the date can only be shifted once within a time period discussed between both parties.
  • I will like to cancel my session. Can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not refund any cancelled sessions. However, we can allocate you to the next intake, subjected to confirmation. If you prefer, we may also do 1:1 session should your reason of cancellation be on valid grounds. (e.g. medical)
  • I prefer a bundle of bespoke sessions.  Can you do that for me?
    Certainly! Please let us know your request at We'll advice the charges based on your requirements.
  • Can you guarantee me a job after the 1:1 career coaching session?
    Wow! I am surprised by this question. This is not an interview. No person on planet earth is able to assure you a job after 1.5 hours of coaching and guidance. We won't even have sufficient time to co-create your branding materials. Please look at our subscription packages - there are hours allocated to meet your objectives.
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  • How do you accept payment?
    All payment is done online. Please kindly check out for payment after booking the sessions and purchasing the packages. We accept major credit cards or debit cards. At the moment, we do not accept Alipay, PayNow or PayLah but we'll continue working on it.
  • Can I use cash to pay?
    We do accept cash. Cash payable 100% at the first session. We do not accept deposits unless on special circumstances. We remain committed to work with you throughout the sessions.
  • Is it possible to put a deposit?
    We have split the deliverables into smaller bits known as "sessions or packages" This allow our clients to specifically select their choices at affordable rates. On our end, we have to prepare the sessions. As such, we appreciate the full committment upfront.
  • Can I requst a refund?
    We trust your committment, the same you trust us. Hence, we hope to honour your session with the confirmed time/date that's acknowledge by both parties. Therefore, we are unable to refund you should there be "no show". However, if there are very special personal circumstances, on a case-to-case basis subjected to the approval from, we may consider on a one-off exceptional basis for refund. Any approved refund by careergowhere shall take 7-15 working days to process. subject to the approval by the careergowhere team. Please let us know at
  • What can I expect from the 1:1 sessions within the package?
    It's meant to create "aha" moments, uncover fresh insights, broaden your perspective and get your objectives met. Henceforth, the sessions are engaging, interactive and thoughtful - with deep dive questioning to flesh out vital self-intelligence. A structure and framework is in place tailor-fit into your requirements. There will be short exercises provided. Methodology used is a mix of 1:1 coaching and consultation with a highly experienced Professional Career Coach with a track record.
  • I am not sure which option is suitable for me
    Ask yourself a basic question: What are my key prorities in the next 3 months? If you are unsure or need clarification, please send us an email at
  • What's the time period to use up the package?
    3 months from the date of purchase. All career-related services have to be used within this time period. There shall not be any rollover subsequently.
  • How will the frequency of the sessions be in the package?
    We encourage once per week at the minimum. This is to ensure the momentum exists, the flow helps you to progressive keep things in-check. Sessions are flexible, conducted after working hours or at weekends (Saturdays), suited to your preference.
  • Is success guaranteed if I sign up the package?
    We tasted tremendous successes uplifting numerous working professionals in where they are to their state of career fulfilment - or get them placed to their designated job, by matching relevant skills, experience points or other credentials with a well-polished online profile that appeals to the Hiring Manager. Having said that, we don't guarantee anything, no one in the world would in career coaching. We impart our expertise, we guide you and work together to reach your goals. So, what you get is an increased chance of employability, you get clarity and confidence to make a well-defined career choice.
  • Is it possible to buy more than one package?
    Each Client is able to purchase one career subscription package - we believe in getting you focused, to make your investment worthwhile with us. We encourage you to use up the hours within the package within a 3 months period.
  • Can I transfer the package to someone else?
    All subscription packages are non-transferable. Materials are prepared to meet your needs and objectives. We encourage you to continue the sessions within the time period. Should you need an time extension, please feel free to write to us at
  • Can I get a refund upon cancellation of the package?
    We do not provide any refund even if sessions are unused within the time period of the subscription package. Barring any unforeseen circumstances and exceptional circumstances; we will look into every situation on a case-by-case basis should you need more than 3 months period. Please email us at
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