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Here is how we have successfully transformed our clients' (employed workforce) career and work challenges into measurable and successful outcomes.  Engagement is through a series of 1:1 coaching and consultation sessions. Our retention rate is more than 90%, with majority coming back to the same Coach, on average for the past 9 years during their career-life stage.  Every working professional faces a career challenge at least once in their work life.  This is where a qualified and experienced Career Coach will work with you to sort it out, achieve clarity and get you empowered to co-create actionable solutions. 


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Peter feels frustrated about his new position as a Senior Manager. Sounds like it's "getting started from Day 1" even though he has been with the company for 6 years. The firm expects him to adjust quickly to the new role.  There isn't much time to reskill or learn on-the-job.  His peers will like him to step up too.  Hence, he gets pressured from the organization's expectation, his immediate boss and colleagues around him.  He wonders if this job scope suits him.  He is also hesitant to speak to his immediate HR colleagues.  What can Peter do about his dilemma? 


Sarah has been in her job for the past 15 years as a Senior Operations Manager for a leading foodservice company. She make great accomplishments with an excellent track record. With more than a decade of experience, she feels comfortable in her role but jaded.  She is keen to look outwards - to find something that is interesting and invigorating yet relatable to what she did in the past.  How can I help to uncover the moving pieces for Sarah and land her into a suitable job?

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How do I monetize?

Jason has been in working in procurement for 2 years. His previous jobs were in operations and administration in the education industry for 5 years.  The reason for changing into a new career?  He is interested to learn how data can be used to drive smarter marketing decisions across the digital world.  Whenever anyone ask him, he mention different roles.  Often, this confuses people.  He wonders how he can leverage his past experience to elevate his career further......
(story to be released soon)


Tom is at the peak of his career in the oil & gas industry. He is a GM (General Manager) for a well-known multinational, leading a team of people regionally.  Given the cyclical nature of the business and potential downsizing of the workforce, he feels that his job will be impacted.  He has to think of other occupations that may interest him that fits into his scope of requirements. But he can't find any.  He wonders his next step......
(story to be released soon)

1:1 Bespoke Sessions

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