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Helping the working professional find satisfaction and fulfilment

We have successfully transformed our clients' (employed workforce) career challenges into measurable and successful outcomes.  Engagement is through a series of 1:1 coaching and consultation sessions based on a specific goal. Our retention rate is more than 90%, with majority coming back to the same Coach, on average for the past 9 years during their career-life stage.  Every working professional faces a career issue at least once in their work life - for example, not knowing what to do next, feeling that one's talent is not fully used or having difficult work relationships. A certified and experienced Career Counsellor will work with you to diagnose the situation, provide clarity and co-work together for recommendations.


Speak to us.  Book your complimentary 45 minutes 1:1 virtual Intake Session.  Names described below are pseudonyms due to confidentiality reasons. 

Get more details about the 1:1 counselling and coaching sessions here.  

Career Counselling Session

Changes to Job Scope

Peter feels frustrated about his new position as a Senior Manager. Sounds like it's "getting started from Day 1" even though he has been with the company for 6 years. The firm expects him to adjust quickly to the new role.  There isn't much time to reskill or learn on-the-job.  His peers will like him to step up too.  Hence, he gets pressured from the organization's expectation, his immediate boss and colleagues around him.  He wonders if this job scope suits him.  He is also hesitant to speak to his immediate HR colleagues.  What can Peter do about his dilemma? 

Passion Runs Dry

Sarah has been in her job for the past 15 years as a Senior Operations Manager for a leading foodservice company. She make great accomplishments with an excellent track record. With more than a decade of experience, she feels comfortable in her role but jaded.  She is keen to look outwards - to find something that is interesting and invigorating yet relatable to what she did in the past.  How can I help to uncover the moving pieces for Sarah and land her into a suitable job?


1:1 Sessions

Fulfilment. Satisfaction @ Work.

Have a confidential chat with us. 

Life coaching
Landed into a suitable job

Philip Yu,
Lead Solution Engineer

"Ken has been very helpful and professional in building job seeking skills such as analyzing job details, building profiles and preparing for jobs. He has provided practical goals in building up networks and down to earth examples on analyzing job postings. His advice is invaluable and has assisted a lot in the job seeking journey."

Discover the right career

Aska Kuwabara,
Lead AI Product Manager

"Ken is a very committed, passionate professional who goes beyond expectations to help his clients!  He helped me through one of the toughest times of my career when I was laid off, and gave me practical and realistic advices that helped me strategize my approach to the new opportunities while focusing on objectives. His wide understandings of both local and international cultures would help many professionals to navigate better in the complex world we live in."

Landed into a suitable job

Shirley Koh,
Vice President

"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your 4 sessions of coaching. Although we virtually met 4 times, I felt that I have known you for a long time because you paid attention to the details in my resume and gave me handles on how to overcome my weaknesses. You are quick to assess my job experience and achievements and turn them into relatable outcomes to match the job description.  I appreciate the tips and pointers given during our session on resume customization using CAR and also the "elevator pitch" coaching during our mock interview session."

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