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You are not alone.  Get the right expertise and support




You have landed into the right place! 

If you are facing challenges on your job, you are not alone. Thousands of Professionals, Specialists, Managers and Leaders like yourself face different types of obstacles @ their workplaces. This can be an overly demanding boss, burnout due to work overload, work that aren't motivating and functional tasks that isn't aligned to your values, leading to questioning of one's self-concept over time. 

A trained Career Counsellor helps to provide the right intervention and tools within a structured program that is progressive and forward-looking. Key is to gain self-clarity, empower you to find the right solutions and attain a level of career happiness. 

Obviously, this isn't going to be an easy ride.  Career trauma, crossroads and dilemma are complex situations. Throw in well-intentioned advice from friends and family members and you'll may be left confused, likely overwhelmed.  It's a potent mixture of emotions and logic that hinder robust decision-making. 

There is a need to de-construct the presenting issue, understand the factors and possibly assess the psychological impact first. 


What you'll get from a career counselling session: 

1) Eliminate the "noises", gain deeper clarity and formulate a clear path towards achieving your career goal 

2) Identify patterns and gaps from your past work experience to determine how you'll thrive at work 

3) Build a personal plan to transform how you'll like to operate at work.  Reinvention, personal job redesign etc. 

4) Uncover your potential and skills that are needed by your peers and the leadership team in the modern workplace

5) Match your talent competencies to internal / external job opportunities 

6) Resolve controllable workplace issues and learn how to effectively negotiate concessions in workplaces 

Who will be my Counsellor? 
Find Ken Tan, your Certified Career Coach and Workplace Counsellor here

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Joseph Lee,
Head of Partnerships, APAC

"Ken was a big help to me while I was in the midst of career move and I can count myself incredibly fortunate to work with him on this. The effort he has taken to attend to me across our coaching sessions, as well as evaluating my career direction, C.V. writing, interview skills was a big help.  Highly recommend Ken as a key and valuable partner to work with for anyone seeking an improvement to their career opportunity and change."

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Travis Tay,
Sales & Marketing Manager

"Professional yet personal service from the heart, that's what Ken Tan has delivered to his client."

lady manager.png

Ong Ching Nee, 
Finance Manager

"I must say that taking up career coaching with Ken was the best investment I have given myself for my career and professional development. Ken has assisted me to gain a lot of self-awareness, aided me in overcoming my weaknesses and brushed up my interview techniques which led me to secure a good job at the end of the whole program. My self-confidence has also improved after the career coaching sessions with Ken."

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