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Passionate to make a real impact on people 

Good day! 

If you are interested to get a Professional Career Coach, you have just landed in the right place.    

I started my career coaching journey as an Education Counsellor in 2005.  Back then, I coached individuals to take the right programs across their preferred Australian institutions.  Then, I decided to expand my freelance services by editing resumes for a small fee.   

It's a wonderful privilege to transform their profile into highly marketable pieces.  It wasn't till the global financial crisis that made me realized that there is a meaningful impact to make a difference into people's lives.  

The moment of my awakening.  So, I decide to expand my coverage to interview role play and career planning.  I am the in-house Advisor to a well-known forum in Jobs Factory (which was bought over by Career Builder for an undisclosed sum)


Today, things changed with the rise of technology.  With 12 years experience, certification in career coaching and a track record under my belt,  I am superbly delighted to serve my partners who ranged from HR outplacement firms, recruitment companies, local government agencies, tertiary institutions, established organizations and the community centres.  I am also looking forward to reach my 1,000th case milestone. 

Equally important, I am thrilled in knowing that 85% of my clients (Early Career Starters, Middle Managers, Mid-Seniors and some C-Suite) have found jobs or secured meaningful careers during their life stages.  

I coached them in their job search, branding materials (LinkedIn optimization, C.V. writing) and practical interviewing skills.  I have also broadened their knowledge to seize opportunities across Industry 4.0, mapped out their background towards potential occupational interests using formal and informal instruments.  From there, they have developed an actionable plan to meet their career goals. 

 It's my hope to empower you with "aha moments".  Let the workforce know who you are and what you can possibly do with your talent.


*On-demand Career Coach for a tertiary university in Singapore and a global recruitment and outplacement company

*Skills Ambassador for a local government agency during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 

*Trainer on group workshops in career planning and employability - tertiary institutions, associations and the community 

*Appeared on the media - local radio station, in-campus newsletters and digital prints 

*Former Council Member for CDAS (Career Development Association of Singapore)

Find me on LinkedIn here 

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Cheryl Tan, B2B Communication Strategist

Ken asked good questions and he was able to get me to think and talk freely and openly. He was particularly good at connecting the dots and provided insightful summaries and comments at the end of the session. Ken went on to suggest useful resources I can use on my own.

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Gerald Chew, Account Director

My experience working with Ken has been fantastic. He is a great people connector. Genuine, extremely capable and with exemplary dedication in what he does. Our interaction has given me new new perspectives and broadened my thinking. I am most grateful and would highly recommend Ken to anyone seeking insights in their career development. 


Eddie Huang, Community Builder 

The sessions have given me many useful insights especially on "Smart Questions" to ask during an interview. In our interview role play, he shared with me the CAR framework which helps me to concise the important points of my experiences. I find the session fruitful for my job interviews.