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Transform lives, create career satisfaction 

You have just landed into the right place! 

If you are facing challenges on your job, wondering whether your career is in jeopardy, you are not alone.  Thousands of Managers, Professionals and Leaders like yourself face different types of obstacles @ their workplaces.  This can be a change of job scope, added responsibilities in a very fast-paced environment, a work culture that just solely depends on results or aspirations that aren't fulfilled. 

This is why a Career Coach like me will work with you, unleash your potential and get you effectively strategized for your next move. 

Interestingly, I started my career coaching journey as an Education Counsellor in 2005.  I coached people on undergraduate / postgraduate program across their preferred Australian institution. 


Coaching and counselling while using the appropriate intervention tools create a transformative experience on them. Thereafter, I decide to expand my coaching service on employability, starting off as a Resume Writer who edit and customize C.V.s for folks around the world whom are South Koreas, Japanese, Indians, Singaporeans etc. 

Responses are hugely positive!  Their profile is overhauled, authentically and well differentiated.  


It wasn't till the global financial crisis in 2008 that made me realized that I can make a real difference into their career-life stages. I include career planning and professionalize myself. At the same time, I research deeply into proven theories, career frameworks and psychometric models that are applicable in the workforce. 

Fast forward till today - I am known to provide 1:1 career coaching for the employed.  Their needs include career changes, transition to new occupations or understanding how their talent would fit into wider career-life goals.  A portion of the work covers job analysis career assessment and using insights with the right intervention to guide them towards smarter career decisions.  


If it's to land a new job or internal recruitment within the company -- there are deliverables to meet - e.g., Career Action Plan, LinkedIn optimization, elevator pitches, resume customization and interview role plays.  It's a series of 1:1 coaching and consultation. 


Till date, I have managed more than 400x cases (mid-level Managers to mid-senior roles and a handful of C-Suite), clocked thousands of hours (didn't really count them as I track by per case count).  


Soon, my portfolio expands to training in career development, job services and workplace satisfaction. 


I am also superbly delighted to contribute my expertise, serving my partners in career services worldwide. Notable examples include Randstad RiseSmart, a global outplacement company. SIM University, a well-known private education institution in tertiary studies and Career Foundry, a tech-based Training Provider who is based in Berlin with adult students that originated from Asia and Europe. During Covid period, I was a Skill Ambassador with the local government agency (SkillsFuture SG) to help the mass market.  


On the training front, it's been a privilege to develop materials and deliver interactive workshops on elevator pitches for SIM University.  The mid-careerists simply love it!  Training style (supported by my materials) is application-based, relevant and actionable. 


Other training engagements are Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SG, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), PSB Academy, James Cook University and more.  On behalf of a career development association, I am delighted to be a Career Coach for Kaplan Career Day on August 2019. In addition, I am proud to design and deliver a career-related webinar to CPA Australia, an established accounting-based association. Profile of the attendees are CFOs, senior Accountants from 11 countries such as India, Australia, Sri Lanka and UAE. 

I am thrilled to go global, especially with my engagement with Career Foundry in Europe.  Hopefully, my next stop is in UK and Dubai. Drop me a note if you are keen to discuss any opportunities. 

It's my hope and commitment to work with you to achieve optimum career and job satisfaction.  Book your 30 minutes 1:1 free discovery virtual session

Career Coaching Track Records:

* CCSP (Certified Career Services Provider) certified by NCDA America,  Professional Career Coach by ICA-CCE in America 

* On-demand Career Coach - Randstad RiseSmart, SIM University and Career Foundry 

* Skills Ambassador for a local government agency to help the unemployed mid-career professionals during the Covid-19 crisis 

* Trainer on group workshops in career planning, elevator pitches, employability and interview techniques

* Commendation by SIM University about the impactful 1:1 career coaching sessions on mid-careerists 

* Testimonials from happy clients  - from Singapore, Europe (e.g. Germany, Ukraine) & Asia (e.g. Japan, South Korea, India, Cambodia)  

* Invited to speak on the media (local radio station) about the in-demand job opportunities for school leavers  

* Career-related articles published on in-campus newsletters such as Kaplan and across digital platforms (FB, university forums etc.)  

* Former Council Member who sits on the board for CDAS (Career Development Association of Singapore), 2018 - 2021 

Find me on LinkedIn here 

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Joseph Lee,
Head of Partnerships, APAC

"Ken was a big help to me while I was in the midst of career move and I can count myself incredibly fortunate to work with him on this. The effort he has taken to attend to me across our coaching sessions, as well as evaluating my career direction, C.V. writing, interview skills was a big help.  Highly recommend Ken as a key and valuable partner to work with for anyone seeking an improvement to their career opportunity and change."

Travis Tay.jpg

Travis Tay,
Sales & Marketing Manager

"Professional yet personal service from the heart, that's what Ken Tan has delivered to his client."

lady manager.png

Ong Ching Nee, 
Finance Manager

"I must say that taking up career coaching with Ken was the best investment I have given myself for my career and professional development. Ken has assisted me to gain a lot of self-awareness, aided me in overcoming my weaknesses and brushed up my interview techniques which led me to secure a good job at the end of the whole program. My self-confidence has also improved after the career coaching sessions with Ken."

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