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SIM University, Singapore

Critical Thinking Workshop 

(2 full days)

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Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) University engages Ken Tan for a 2 full days workshop.  It's for a group of international Myanmar students. The aim is to equip them the ability to solve real-world problems, using a proven critical thinking approach. Critical thinking has been identified as one of the skills in demand for Industry 4.0. 

Delivery & Outcome: 


Curriculum is developed from scratch. Content should be digestible and easy to understand. The purpose is to ensure students possess the ability to apply the foundation of critical thinking to real world issues. They are taught on the techniques to dissect obstacles, adopt problem solving framework and thereafter develop hypothesis. It's a highly interactive, hands-on class.


Critical thinking is not just diving deeper, it's also the capability to effectively communicate the results to internal and external stakeholders. 


From the scenarios given, students get together in groups to brainstorm their ideas. Then, the students need to piece the information together to share their recommendation.


For a bigger project, students are also asked to choose an assignment to work on (group work) to submit to Ken and the Manager-in-charge. Ken has to develop the case scenarios. The students are tasked to deliver a compelling presentation using what they have learnt.  Ken will pick the winning group who can successfully deliver fresh and pragmatic solutions to address the scenario. 

Response is hugely positive!


Students enjoy the workshops and learn core analytical skills (i.e. find the root cause), the application of critical thinking and explore unconventional strategies used to solve problems.

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Workplace Negotiation
(2 hours Webinar)

NTU Negotiation Webinar.jpg


It's a great privilege for Ken to offer his expertise and experiences of negotiating acrosss actual business situations to the graduating students of Nanyang Technological University (NTU).  


Delivery & Outcome:

The delivery is done through a 2 hours webinar due to Covid-19 (if not - this is done in-person with a full day workshop). Real world examples are brought in through Ken's 12 years of business deal-making track record.  Ken used to negotiate with Senior Managers & C-Suite in multinationals across 14 major countries in Asia - Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India etc.

Students are asked to work on a negotiating scenario, learning how to create and claim value. Practical tips are shared, helping students understand the ingredients to drive towards successful outcome. As the webinar is meant to be holistic, salary negotiation is thrown in to provide in-market relevance. 

NTU students gain deep insights into the world of business negotiation. They find the webinar to be interactive with fresh knowledge to understand how negotiation works in different business context.

Nuren Group (eCommerce), Malaysia 

Solution Selling, Negotiation & Closing




The firm is an e-commerce and media firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their key business is in mothercare and baby products. As it's year end, therefore they are hosting a company retreat at a resort in Desaru. It's also an opportunity for upskilling purpose.


Therefore, the company decides to get Ken to share effective B2B sales techniques. He engages the corporate business development teams with the scenarios constructed - from the time of prospecting/account management to the deals being closed. It's an accolade of his accomplishments in Asia Pacific & Australasia as a Senior Deal-Maker in the past. 

Delivery & Outcome: 

The sales team finds the session very intriguing. They realise the creative and resourceful methods to increase their conversion rate of closing B2B deals, from the time of client engagement, objection handling to sizing up the context of the situation to drive successful negotiating outcome.

Accounting Association (Australia)

Career Development & Opportunity Identification Webinar (2 hours)

CPA Australia Webinar (4 June).jpg


An internationally reputable member driven association in the finance and banking industry has invited Ken to host an interactive webinar on career opportunities post Covid-19.  Members originate from more than 8 countries, some from C-Suite, senior executives to middle management.  

Delivery & Outcome: 

The content is engaging - diving into the mega-trends, followed by industry-level insights, country-driven occupation in India and Australia, as well as a changing workforce that presents new challenges.  This allows participants to connect the external conditions to their career pathway - what does it mean to them and how they can position their portfolio.


Post-Covid possible scenarios are shared.  There is an opportunity sizing framework taught to the participants. They are then led to a self-discovery journey using the VIPS framework; picking up the useful knowledge to seize potential career opportunities. Participants have the option to get a complimentary career planning template from Ken after the webinar. 

The participants is fully tuned in to the webinar, even though the timing exceeds.  They didn't flinch or leave the session. Several provide their comments to Ken, with a huge "thank you" note. 

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