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We provide impactful, personalized career coaching sessions that yield measurable outcome. 

Our clientele includes: 


  • Employed professionals (mid-level, mid-senior)

  • Employees who are transiting out

  • Job-Seekers who need help to win interviews

  • Working Specialists looking to do great work

  • Career Aspirers to fulfil their lifelong dreams 

It's a transformative journey from the start to end. 

Come with an open mind.

We would co-create solutions that go beyond your current job, unleashing moments of "aha"! 

Get empowered to make the right career decision. 

Career Transition 
  • Gain clarity into the industry and sectoral trends 

  • Assess if you are a job fit with the ability to thrive into the new role 

  • Tune up your employability toolkit (C.V. editing & customization) 

  • Spot any potential blind spots, taking steps to minimize any gaps 

Integrated coaching program with pre-work included

Estimate 3-4 sessions (1.5 hours each) of virtual & F2F delivery


  • Learn key techniques to negotiate internally with key stakeholders

  • Sharpen your internal presentation and engagement skills to peers

  • Manage self-expectation and emotions @ work for effective outcome

  • Build positive relationships @ your workplace (across BUs / offices)

Integrated coaching program with pre-work & role play included

Estimate 2-3 sessions (1.5 hours each) of virtual delivery via Zoom 


  • Discover your unmet career inspiration - how far are you? 

  • Find inner satisfaction in your job using evidence-based insights

  • Mid-life crisis / career crossroads?  Make better informed decisions 

  • Map out doable action steps to achieve small and big wins

Integrated coaching program with materials & mind maps included 

Estimate 4-5 sessions (1.5 hours each) of virtual & F2F delivery 


  • Acquire knowledge to win - preparation, actual and post-interview 

  • How to use tactical engagement techniques to ace the interview

  • Learn how to effectively size up the Interviewer / Group of People 

  • Salary negotiation:  what to do and how to do it like a professional

Integrated coaching program with materials and mock interview practice

Estimate 3-4 sessions (1.5 hours each) of virtual delivery via Zoom 

Reserve my 30 minutes complimentary session 



Eddie Huang, Participant Recruitment Manager

"I have engaged Ken Tan on career coaching. The sessions have given me many useful insights, especially on Smart Questions during interviews. In our interview role-play, he shared with me CAR framework which helps me to concise the important points of my experience. I find the sessions useful for my job interviews" 

testimonial 1.jfif

Cheryl Tan,
Marketing Manager

"Ken was particularly good at connecting the dots and provided insightful summaries and comments at the end of the session. He is a personal individual and suggests useful resources that I can use on my own. I highly recommend Ken and his professional expertise to anyone who may be looking for career coaching and development advice


Serge Mitrovic,
General Manager
(prefers anonymity)

"Ken is a truly admirable and professional Coach". 

"The sessions are always thoroughly prepared and back with both academic works and relevant market research. His great listening skills are complemented by an extensive market knowledge and each session will lead you to ask yourself the right questions and will help you move forward on your career path. 

I strongly recommend working with Ken as your career will greatly benefit from his support"

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