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We provide off-the-shelves package and bespoke coaching sessions on career development. It's a bundle of pre-work, impactful deep-dive conversations, thoughtful questioning to uncover insights and post-work that are highly actionable.  Delivery is virtual via Zoom, therefore it doesn't matter where you are or in which country.  All we need is your commitment. 

We'll also work closely together to transform your branding materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, accomplishments) and strong narratives that sell.  Hence, your employability success is significantly increased.  We love to make an impact on people!   

Career Transition 

I would like to change to a new job from my current role.  However, I have limited experience in this field, that's because Employers are looking out for a seasoned person.  On the other hand, I am comfortable in my existing job.  Although I am keen to move on, my heart tells me to stay. What shall I choose and how can I ensure transiting out is the best solution?


Talent optimisation 

I am employed but the job scope has changed.  My role becomes complex. Added tasks with shorter period to adapt, and time is running out to meet expectation. Upskilling is not an option. Find out how our client has successfully done it with the help of Ken, the Career Coach.   He has unravel a way to monetize his abilities that give him a wonderful edge to perform in his next job. Can I then leverage on my talent and if yes, what's the next step I shall do? 



I am experienced and capable in my job. But I feel jaded after performing in my role for more than 10 years. Limited career progression internally. Maybe, I should find a fresh job in a new industry, or perhaps do a career switch to something I am truly passionate in?  It's a career T-junction for me. Read how Ken, the Career Coach help a seasoned Senior Operations Manager clear her doubts with an immediate plan to implement. 


sharpen my elevator pitch

I need help on polishing up my branding materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn).  My last few roles are in different types of occupations. Hence, how I should showcase my abilities that make people know my tagline - i.e., who am I and what is my unique specialty?   How will I then pitch myself in-person / virtual interviews tailored to specific job opportunities? 

Trusted by people


Eddie Huang, Participant Recruitment Manager

"I have engaged Ken Tan on career coaching. The sessions have given me many useful insights, especially on Smart Questions during interviews. In our interview role-play, he shared with me CAR framework which helps me to concise the important points of my experience. I find the sessions useful for my job interviews" 

testimonial 1.jfif

Cheryl Tan,
Marketing Manager

"Ken was particularly good at connecting the dots and provided insightful summaries and comments at the end of the session. He is a personal individual and suggests useful resources that I can use on my own. I highly recommend Ken and his professional expertise to anyone who may be looking for career coaching and development advice


Serge Mitrovic,
General Manager
(prefers anonymity)

"Ken is a truly admirable and professional Coach". 

"The sessions are always thoroughly prepared and back with both academic works and relevant market research. His great listening skills are complemented by an extensive market knowledge and each session will lead you to ask yourself the right questions and will help you move forward on your career path. 

I strongly recommend working with Ken as your career will greatly benefit from his support"

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