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Cheryl Tan, Marketing Manager

Ken asked good questions and he was able to get me to think and talk freely and openly. He was particularly good at connecting the dots and provided insightful summaries and comments at the end of the session. Ken went on to suggest useful resources I can use on my own.


He is a personable individual and I have benefitted enormously from the session.

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Gerald Chew, Account Director

My experience working with Ken has been fantastic. He is a great people connector. Genuine, extremely capable and with exemplary dedication in what he does. Our interaction has given me new perspectives and broadened my thinking.


I am most grateful and would highly recommend Ken to anyone seeking insights in their career development and alignment.

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Kai Lun, Project Management

I like the case studies that you elaborated based on your past experiences. That is definitely something students are keen to know. We don't have the experience in negotiation at such levels/scales and hearing your thought process and subsequent actions definitely shows how flexible and adaptable we students have to work towards

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