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Are you in a dilemma?

Career Coaching for employed mid-career working professionals and young adults who are thinking of:


1. Changing to new careers

2. Embarking on entrepreneurship routes

3. Finding 2nd jobs that are meaningful

4. Uncovering suitable careers

We get you absolute clarity to make solid decisions. We turn your branding materials into marketable tools, polish your employability skills.

Jump onboard for confidential 1:1 career coaching sessions.

Helped more than 1,000 individuals across the APAC region.

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Why Career Go Where


No classroom theories.  Case studies, scenarios and exercises to get you think and react


Gain access to Certified Career Coaches who get you cracking up to hit your objectives


We don't just depend on what you say, we get you on-target with your career goals. 

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Job Readiness

Career Support

Perfect for anyone seeking a marketable toolkit to get the job

Career Coaching 101

1:1 Dummy Guide

Excellent choice for anyone who is keen to experience what career coaching is


Career Changers

Career transition package for mid-career working professionals

Sales Interviews

Get the Job

Tailored specifically for anyone who needs professional guidance and practice to win the sales interviews

Sales Career

Aspiring / Current Salesperson

Learn to grow successfully in your sales career 

Our Milestones 


Interactive Virtual Group Sessions

  • Open session to manage your career right

    1 hr

  • How to get into B2B sales

    7 hr


What Our Clients Say

Suneeth Varma, Finance

Through a friend, I met Ken  who has transformed my resume in such a way that I have three offers in my hand right now

Wilson, IT Professional

The Career Coaching Program has given me more focus  and direction on making a career plan. Worksheets and exercises serve as useful references

Wai Hong, Salesperson

I have learnt more about what I am looking for in my career and has achieved a more focused view on carer searchers.
The most valuable part is the interview role play. 


Career Go Where
An online career and soft skill development business. 

We empower people to be career ready.

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