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Small, Interactive Group Training

Are you representing an association, a tertiary institution or an organization that focuses on career planning and employability? 

We have successfully developed and delivered interactive, application-based workshops on elevator pitch, workplace negotiation and career development for young adults & mid-careerists. 

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Real-life transformative experience through 1:1 coaching sessions

This is how it starts.  Everything originates from an internal career and workplace challenge.


Working professionals who felt drained out after years of working in the same job, or a change of job scope that leads to uncertainty.  

But we make an IMPACT on them.  Our intervention helps them 

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Lam Chin Sheng.jfif

Chin Sheng,
Business Manager

"Ken was my Career Coach and he has shown great patience and clear direction when coaching for my career switch. His sessions were sharp and "to-the-point". With his coaching, I have landed myself with several opportunities."

Salza Abdul Kadir.jfif

Salza Abdul Kadir,
Global Manager

"I had the privilege to be coached by Ken and he shared in-depth knowledge of how I can suit my resume to the job description. He was very patient, very knowledgeable and was very guided in his approach towards helping me find my way."

Gerald Chew.jfif

Gerald Chew,
New Business Director

"My experience working with Ken has been fantastic. He is a great people connector. Genuine, extremely capable and with exemplary dedication in what he does. Our interaction has given me new perspectives and broadened my thinking. I am most grateful and would highly recommend Ken to anyone seeking insights in their career development and alignment."

Meet our overseas clients

Saki Yamada.jpg

Saki Yamada

Senior Risk Analyst

"Ken and I worked together when I was transitioning my career to the next stage, and I was incredibly lucky to have him as a Career Coach. He consistently gave 100% effort to tailor and customize our coaching sessions, so we can brush up on my career strategy, CV writing and interview skills, and maximize my success rate in job searching for a short period of time. Not only did he help me land my dream job, but he has always been my go-to person for honest feedback, encouragement and professional advice when I have any doubt in my selection processes."


Saskia Jurst

Junior UX/UI Designer

"I had the privilege to work with Ken in order to be well prepared to find my dream job in the near future. During our mentor calls, he taught me how to customize my resume and highlighting my transferable skills to match my new career path perfectly. We practiced my interview and presentation skills and he gave me a lot of valuable advice about job searching opportunities. Ken has lots of empathy with a doable approach, which is why I can highly recommend him for every career changer."

Veronika Kim.jpg

Veronika Kim

UX/UI Designer

"I want to mention Ken Tan for being an absolute professional who can push me when necessary, encourage me when I need support, and most importantly offer me a vision of what is possible for me in my career path. I've never met anyone as well-organized and well-prepared as Ken. We discussed tips on how to land a job, write a professional resume, confidently present yourself at the interview, present a portfolio and define a job search strategy. I'm happy that I got a chance to work with someone like Ken as it confirms my belief that to become the best, we have to learn from the best!"

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