5 screening questions to choose your qualified Recruiters

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

It’s always important to build strong relationships with Recruiters (Executive Search firms).

They are your partners to get jobs that may not get advertised in job platforms. These can be mid-senior positions to c-suite.

However, not all Recruiters work the same, not all are classified in similar qualities. Perhaps, there are some who are getting themselves up to speed (some examples of negative ones here). Therefore, it’s helpful to pin down a set of screening criteria to assess the best fit between them and you.

Likewise, they will be shortlisting the right incumbent for their client.

So, the end goal is to make sure the Recruiter represents you well, to sell you as a unique candidate to the Hiring Manager and to manage expectation such as remuneration and career progression.

For me, I use any of these 5 questions in my conversation with the Recruiter:

Can you tell me more about your profile?

Same as your own profile – now it’s the Recruiter’s background. Get a good sense of whom they are and their corporate experiences. Move on to their company’s history, offices, industry focus and credentials. If they sound dodgy to you – my advice is to seek another Recruiter.