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Elevator pitch that appeals to employers

Eugene has been a Production Manager for the past 18 years. He is keen to switch his career to Logistics Operations. He has been talking to Hiring Managers about his past experience but none reverts back.

His confidence dips, and he wonders if his elevator pitch is on the right track.

According to the Centre of Career Development in Princeton University, an elevator pitch is a brief way of introducing yourself, getting across a key point or two and making a connection with someone.

The idea originates in an elevator, where the incumbent has a 30-40 seconds time frame to convince a person about your narrative in the lift.

Once the door opens, your pitch stops.

Interestingly, in my years of career coaching, I have seen cases where pitches can be superbly engaging within a short period of time, resulting in Employers offering job offers thereafter. The challenge is to prepare bite-sized content that is impactful and appealing.

Career Coach empowers you to create impact in your pitch

What should we do?

Let’s look at the preparatory stage first. I have drawn a quadrant below.

Predominantly, it’s classified into 4 parts. The key is to rank them (in percentage) and select your preferred top 2 abilities that are specific and measurable.

For example, you rate skills as 80%, followed by experience at 20%.

Reason: you possess skills that create value, and potentially attract Employers’ attention. It’s then re-enforced with your real-world experience through storytelling that resonates.

So, which do you belong the most?

What are you selling that attracts Employers?

Just saying you have communication skills isn’t good enough. Tons of people are highlighting the same in interviews, resumes and networking events.

Likewise - if you just chat about being detailed-oriented and meticulous (character – strengths).

I mean, who wouldn’t say this?

Therefore, your pitch has to zoom right into your circle of competence and validate it through an experience or commendation by others.

Confused? Get your elevator pitch template after booking-in your free 30 minutes virtual Discovery Session with me here.


"I am personable and know what makes people tick through my excellent stakeholder communication and people skills….let me share a story.

Interestingly, I was tasked to manage a one-off conflict between both teams in my past job.

What I did is to separate both parties, listen to their issues to build trust as the first step and work on soft signals to bring them together…..John appreciates my intervention and I became the unspoken go-to person for any external advice."

After gaining clarity, let’s look at 3 quick tips to enhance your elevator pitches:

Indicate skills to develop a context that create value

Based on a 2020 study from LinkedIn, persuasion is one of the top 5 most in-demand skills. Hence, your pitch can be something like this – ‘’I am able to influence the senior leadership team in decision making’’. It’s more impactful as compared to a generic statement - ‘I am skilled in persuasion’.

Make your elevator pitch relatable

Connect to what others think is an effective way of engagement. To do this, use keywords that are known in the industry, or share killer insights about the sector – what you read and what you see. Learn about the profile of the Employer through LinkedIn is also important.

What are some of the opportunities or issues?

Bring in your skills and experience as part of the pitch to amplify the value. It shows that you are plugged in, and you take the effort to speak about themes that interest them.

Use personal stories from experience to WOW Employers

Often, we speak about our experience but fail to make a strong impression.

Employers need to visualize and get sold on your milestones. Therefore, flesh out any past successful work happenings that are short and measurable will help. Dive deeper – are you referring to your knowhow in country markets, in sectors, products or processes?

Example – "I built my years of on-ground engineering experience in China and Dubai."

Even surprising and humorous outcomes are also encouraged.

For example, your colleagues in the marketing team are inspired to collaborate, because you reach out and explore solutions to make things work for them.

Ideally, develop at least 2x authentic, corporate achievements using the CAR approach (Challenge-Action-Result).

Write your story in a handful of short statements and rehearse it with your friends.

Do you have an elevator pitch template?

Most of my readers are asking:

"Ken, do you have a ready-available document to use?" Yes, definitely for sure! In fact, I do have examples of elevator pitches for various professions too.

It’s either you bring out your skills/strengths or leverage your accomplishments.

The template serves as a guide to getting started.

Would you like to have a copy?

Book-in your complimentary 1x 30 minutes virtual Discovery Call and I'll send you the Elevator Pitch Templates right after the confidential session. The free discussion is meant to help refine your narrative that speak directly to your potential Employer.

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