3 benefits that you will get from career coaching that will change your work life

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

I didn’t know much about personal career development in Singapore. But I know who to approach if I need a job.

The government has been introducing many initiatives such as Virtual Career Fairs to offer job opportunities to PMETs and working professionals affected by Covid-19.

But fixing my career?

Gosh! This seems to be very confusing.

You are not alone.

You see, jobs have been always the main focus. If you need a job, you go to a Career Coach in a local government agency, a Headhunter or your personal network.

But jobs and careers are different.

A career is made up of many jobs, learning pathways, and experiences such as volunteering. Each of these will influence a decision to take up an occupation.

A career can be said to have one occupation for a very long time. (e.g. Teacher)

According to Lexico