How to choose a qualified Career Coach

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

There will be a crossroad somewhere in your working life.

It can be as simple as quitting your job to start a new business or to accept the offer to relocate into a new country to work.

But to make the choice, to take a leap of faith into the uncertainty can be daunting for many.

This can be a new Profession such as an Engineer to a Nurse.

Questions like:

“I like helping people but how can I turn this into a career reality?” “What are the things I should be aware to avoid any costly mistakes?” “I have an interest in this Profession. Will this be sustainable and rewarding for me?”

This is where a Career Coach helps.

The Career Coach’s objective is to offer the visibility after understanding you, to lay out a broad map that indicates options and gets you empowered to make better informed career decisions.