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Stagnant career: what to do

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

It has been 15 years in manufacturing. It’s all that I know. I am getting bored in my tasks and didn’t feel energised as before.

What should I do?

A career stagnation is common. Usually happens at the mid-stage life of a working professional, aged 40 and above.

I have seen dozens of cases during my career coaching years.

Surprisingly, a number of them wishes to branch out but afraid to take that leap of faith. Even if they acknowledge their specific skills, they have other thoughts that hinder them.

Maybe they are comfortable in their position. They know who’s-who in the company. Their work partners and colleagues have been supporting them.

It’s like brotherhood-in-arms.

Commitment aside – they prefer lesser risks as compared to venturing overseas for work experiences.

Why would I?

Yet I feel a sense of deja-vu. I get the notion of being cast away from the next future of work.

It’s not wrong though.

Anyone is able to have one job, work 35 years for a firm and retire. However, the new norm is such that younger folks are holding on to their positions on average of 2 years.

The latest trend is about Digital Nomads which fascinates me. You can travel to Peru, to Estonia and yet get paid on assignments.


Digital Nomad is about the growth of a gig economy which makes up about 10% of Singapore’s workforce.

Even the latest budget measures are helping this group of people.

The downside of this - having lesser work experiences translates to poorer marketability over time.

It’s actually the value that you are worth in the market that companies are willing to pay you MORE for your unique expertise.

Also, being in that role for 35 years certainly gives you the high bargaining power to negotiate with future employers.

Thinking again, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

In the next era, one may become redundant due to the evolving nature of tasks that require new skills to perform.

This explains why SSG (Skill Future Singapore) is setup to give a leg up to our fellow Singaporeans in re-training and re-skilling.

So, I am glad our government agencies takes the effort to make us ready for futuristic jobs.

On the other hand, we are always filled with news from social media.

Our friends post their latest job escapades. A handful starts to travel on business class for their work trips. Others get to gyrate with beautiful hunks and ladies as part of their work.

You wonder whether you are living in a cave or should you start pursuing your dream career?

I mean, look at it – get to travel, enjoy the perks. Me? Sitting in the hot room, sweating and doing all the mundane things.

That’s probably one of the several reasons why emotions start cluttering your mind. Further to this, a toxic work culture contributes to the negative perception.

It makes you feel that a job is a job. No longer an exciting career. It just brings the bread home. 40 hours a week flat out.

What is your exact motivation?

Money is just a means to compensate you for your efforts. Does it really push you to fulfil something greater?

What if there is a chance to work closely with me to help you pinpoint inner areas of motivation? To uncover your true belief in specific tasks.

Motivation can be classified into categories such as environment, job roles and many more.

Now, imagine this:

2019 – 15 years as a Product Manager

2020 – Career Growth assessment with Career Go Where. 2020 - Found out where my next career journey should be. How exciting! 2021 – I just take the first step, from Product Manager to a Marketing Manager

I have to factor in the current virus outbreak since majority of the company personnel is working from home.

Will you like to have a career journey like the above?

All fantasy and not real?

Every growth trajectory needs a thesis. If it’s a “make-believe” children bedtime story, you’ll end up believing in this. You make your own story. If you think you have what it takes to take a small jump – go for it.

I am not talking about motivational classes here.

It’s about trusting your personal judgement, understanding where your core competencies are, going back over to your contact network and putting together a profile that sells.

Remove the stagnation feeling. Have a proper plan to implement.

What you can do in the next step is to have a free 1:1 Discovery Session with me. The first step counts, we just need to take the leap of faith.

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