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B2B sales jobs - how much do you know?

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A Google search reveals there are several B2B (business-to-business) sales jobs although we are still in the pandemic period.

B2B sales (business-to-business) is defined as companies selling their products/services to businesses.

Fueling the growth is the rising need of companies streamlining their processes to reduce cost, depend less on human capital, and increase efficiency.

Therefore, software companies are searching for experienced B2B salespeople to sell their services to them.

Furthermore, businesses are driven to digitally transform or risk losing out, accelerated by Covid-19 that forces them to rethink their old ways of doing things.

It’s a perfect fit.

Companies require talented B2B salespeople to sell, while there are customers out in the market willing to buy their services/products.

Even going beyond technology, B2B salespeople can extend towards channel sales, for example, a Distributor sells its food ingredients to a grocery Retailer.

This explains why there is an exciting career pathway for a new B2B salesperson.

Career Prospects of a B2B sales professional

According to Payscale Singapore, a starting role as an Executive in B2B sales will earn S$45,000 per annum. This figure will increase one’s experience level.

For example, the average annual median salary of a Business Development Manager is S$70.000, with the potential to climb up to S$126,000:

That’s minimally S$5,833.33, higher than the average mean salary of S$4,500 in Singapore.

Usually, the remuneration package consists of a basic salary and commission. It differs from industry-to-industry. Someone who is selling financial analytics software may earn much more than another B2B sales professional who is in the consumer goods sector. However, the incumbent may face higher stress with a larger sales quota to achieve!

From an entry-level B2B Sales Executive, the journey diverges into a Managerial position with the potential to be a Director to lead a team of people.

Alternatively, take on a regional role as an Individual Contributor where you can enjoy traveling (after Covid-19) and work-on-the-go.

Your job is to close numerous deals within a given set of key customer accounts.

How glamourous!

What exactly are the responsibilities of a Regional Business Development Manager?

As the name suggests, their key role is expand a set of territories, which can be sector-specific, with a geographic coverage. For example, to hunt for a portfolio of new prospects in logistics and manufacturing in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Sometimes, you need to assume the role of an Account Manager - upsell or cross-sell the products/services to a base of loyal clients.

Their aim is to bring in as many deals as possible to exceed the assigned sales target. Therefore, the managing the opportunity pipeline is important.

The larger the deal size, the bigger your commission shall be. So, you get a monthly pay of basic + commission.

I’m all set! When can I start?

Sounds very interesting isn’t it?

But are you ready to accept multiple rejections in a B2B sales job?

Let’s face it.

We are humans not robots. We are not engineered to move in one straight line.

People are dynamic in the way they think and react to your proposals.

There is a chance you won’t meet the quarterly or yearly sales target.

Out of 10 opportunities, 9 say a BIG “No”, only one left that seems to be hanging on the balance – and the possibility of scoring an own goal.

Worse, some may just give a straight-laced "don't bother me" expression on their face.

So, what do you mean?

I am not saying you should ditch the idea immediately.

Find out more information about the career “up’s and down’s”. Get an objective view before taking the plunge.

Know what it exactly relates to. Not everyone has the stomach to make deals for a living with people across all levels in an organization.

I mean, talking to a Senior Director of a company because he is the Decision Maker.

In other words, I am not talking about roses here. We need to balance the remuneration, expectation, and winning effect together.

On the other hand, the best folks in the this field are people who have strong perseverance (yet not bugging clients like bees), resourceful to search for unconventional ways to negotiate and close, adopt an optimistic world view and possess excellent commercial acumen to excite their clients.

Thus, the journey can be arduous, emotional roller-coaster or going up to the peak where your efforts shall be appreciated by monetary means and by the people around you.

To get you sorted out, I have decided to put together a practical small group session where you can uncover the right information.

Understand the right skills and mindset to win as a B2B sales professional. These guys earn top dollar, found the passion in it, and construct an excellent track record for themselves.

A sought after expertise is solution selling in B2B sales. It's a talent, if mastered well, shall bring you the bounty. Hiring Managers are also looking out for such candidates.

How good are you in developing this ability?

Perhaps, a broad discussion is needed with me through a free 1:1 Discovery Session. Book your slot for an open conversation now.

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