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Advice on Career Switch

March 18, 2020


Tons of information.


My family tells me to hang on to my job because it’s the real working life while my friends tell me to go for the switch immediately.


It's like a ship steering to the left, to the right, to the center......yet the journey seems long! 


Confusing, isn't it?


I get many questions frequently on career switches. Some of them are about the uncertainty of the new role.  Some are wondering whether they will be comfortable in performing to their best. Others think they lack the relevant skills to jump on board.  A handful is concerned about the change of work environment.   


Whatever the case, there are always things to think about for career switches. 


Common type of Career Switches


1. New job, same industry

2. Same job, different industry


3. New job, new industry


4. Be an Entrepreneur


For example, Peter has been working in the telecommunication industry as an Enterprise Sales Manager for the past 7 years.  He feels monotonous and would like to change to a new sector.  He has gained knowledge about B2B sales and has amassed an excellent track record.  Possibilities include bringing his sales expertise to other segments of the media and information technology cluster - such as mobile, cybersecurity and other SaaS-related service offerings.  


This is a classic case of point 2 above - “same job, different industry”


But it’s not easy to just take the leap of faith.

Circling around are several considerations that make or break your decision.


Here are two quick advice for Career Switchers


Identify your core competencies


To do this, take a sheet of paper.  Spend 10 minutes to indicate up to 10 types of specific skills you possess in relation to your current job role (or past work experiences)


Take note that the skills have to be really straight to the point.  For instance, communication is too vague.  But corporate communication in public relations is the right answer.   


Find it challenging to complete the exercise in 10 minutes?


This means you are figuring out your personal abilities.  Without knowing, how will you even fit into new roles, fit into new industry, fit into your new boss’s expectations?


Next up:


Find out the top 3 reasons that really bother you at night


Just like moving to a new house in a completely fresh environment, it’s normal to feel the same way about a new switch.


I just get out of a call with a young lady who decides to jump from banking to a digital marketing agency after 2 years.  To her, the 3 key factors that are important:


1. Work environment

2. Job Satisfaction

3. Fun derived from working in projects with groups of people 


Each means a deeper meaning.  We organise a call session to talk more in-depth, myself probing more till she finds that work environment is the critical turning point.  


To her, a bunch of co-workers who are collaborative, offer ideas and able to brainstorm together is something she likes.  


That is the anchor point which influences her switch decision.


What is your anchor point?


Career Discovery


Awareness is usually the first stage.


Just like going to a doctor if you are sick, the medical professional has to do a battery of tests to diagnose.  


Same for career. 


It’s essential to have a check about your current career position through fruitful conversations and tools to bring out a summary of your profile. 


Then, you will get analysis about where you are and your capabilities.  Thereafter, the set of findings will then help you hunt for new positions that suit you.


It makes the switch smoother.  It gets you well informed and confident of taking the plunge. 


To do this, I will recommend a Career Discovery 1-1 session  


It’s only 2 hours. You get fresh insights. Puts you on track in the next career move. 


Plus, I am also giving you a huge morale booster now! 


Get FREE session in the month of April.  


You can find more details of the redemption here


I am doing this to make sure the serious folks take it up quickly and start engineering a positive beginning for a solid and easier career switch.


Nothing should stop you in having a 2 hour session at a low cost base. 


It’s about you taking charge!


I hope to see you soon.

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